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There are many different components in a complete feed and some of those are prone to oxidation which can decrease the value of the feed. These include supplemental fats, oils, meals and vitamin premixes.

Preservation of these ingredients is critical because the fats and oils provide energy and essential fatty acids, meals provide supplemental levels of crude protein, while the vitamin premix has the broad range of vitamins necessary for optimal animal growth and performance. One of the best ways to protect the value of these ingredients is through the use of an effective antioxidant such as SANTOQUIN® feed preservative.

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SANTOQUIN® Liquid feed preservative offers the convenience and cost savings of bulk storage and delivery for commercial operations that use large volumes of ethoxyquin. It is also the most concentrated form of ethoxyquin available and mixes evenly and disperses well throughout the feed, fat, meal or other product to be stabilized.

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SANTOQUIN® Mixture 6 feed preservative provides unsurpassed protection from oxidative rancidity in a dry form. SANTOQUIN Mixture 6 protects essential ingredients and prolongs nutritional shelf life in complete feed.


SANTOQUIN® Q4T is a liquid antioxidant blend recommended specifically for inhibiting the oxidation of vegetable fat matrices including yellow grease, vegetable oil and restaurant grease. It can also be used in complete feed where vegetable oils are the primary fat source.



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SANTOQUIN® Plus is an efficacious blend of antioxidants designed to provide the maximum levels of ethoxyquin and BHT allowed by the FDA. SANTOQUIN Plus is ideal for rendered products intended for use in the livestock industry.

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